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I'm so glad you're here!!!!

Hey hey!

My name is Heather and I am so pumped that you've found your way over to my little corner of the world! Whether you're in need of a photographer, a business mentor, or just looking for a new travel buddy HERE. I. AM.

Well first off you should know that if you've found your way over to my page I'm gonna go ahead and claim us to be bffs! Sorry if you were expecting formal and proper.. I DON'T DO THAT! But here's what I do-do(lol... I am 5 years old apparently) 

1. I laugh all the time!
2. I trip and fall... A LOT
3. I use all caps WAYYY more often thaN I should.
4. I sing WAY to loudly!
5. I give my couples 5260942% EVERYTIME.

this could be you!!!

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