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let's chat

In case ya can't tell by the PDA EVERYWHEREEE, I specialize in couples + weddings + elopements! That's where my heart comes alive! Getting to tell a love story through a lens is something I DON'T take lightly!!! Because once the cake is gone + the dress is tucked away all that is left are the memories + photos! That's whY i want to creATE MORE THAN JUST PRETTY PHOTOS FOR YOU, I WANT TO CREATE AN EXPERIENCE. I WANT TO GUSH OVER YOUR STORY ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL IN LOVE. AND SEND 48352975 EXCLAMATION MARKS AT THE END OF ALL OUR TEXT BECAUSE I'M JUST SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! I WANT TO KNOW YOUR QUIRKS THAT YOU LOVE ABOUT EACH OTHER AND WHAT YOUR FAVORITE DATE NIGHT FOOD IS. BECAUSE KNOWING WHAT MAKES YOU GUYS YOU, WILL ONLY HELP ME PHOTOGRAPH YOUR LOVE STORY BETTER!!! SO LONG STORY SHORT... WE'RE GONNA BE BFFFFS!!!!

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Heather... I mean WOW. Those are the only words that come to mind when I think about our photoshoot with you. You exceeded every expectation that I had ever thought of and you made us feel SO comfortable! I can't ever thank you enough for capturing our love story so true and tenderly! Thank you doesn't seem like enough!

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BOOK THIS GIRL. I MEAN LIKE RIGHT NOW! Heather is not only has an INSANE talent for photography but dang, she's just a really good human! She's not afraid to do what it takes to get the perfect shot and I can't imagine our wedding day without here! Girl, you're basically family now... so you're stuck with us! 

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happy client

There's not many people who can connect with everybody but Heather can! From the first email you get exactly who she is! And when you meet her, she's literally the same person in real life! Heather's work is absolutely stunning but the light that she gives off is even more beautiful!

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happy client

So let's talk about what the investment with me usually looks like!

Every single couple, love story, and adventure is different. And with that, each one of my packages is almost always a customized fit for each and every couple. Because you may not need everything that comes with each package, or you may need more. But as a starting point, I have some base packages that all the custom packages go off of! Once you’ve glanced through these, shoot me an email right at the bottom where it says "Book Me" and we’ll create that customized MAGIC for you guys!!!!”



Starting at: $200

Couple sessions are just like a freakin' bomb date night just with me as a third wheel!!!! we'll go to a location that means a lot to you guys or the top of a mountain somewhere with the best views and i'll capture your real and authentic love story! and don't tell me you not comfortable in front of a camera... I have my ways to pull those real smiles, laughs, + tear out of you;) this is for you if you're engaged, celebrating an anniversary, or just want to capture this special time to show the grandkids someday!!!!




You know those photos you've always dreamed of having from your wedding where you're standing on top of a mountain or are in a field under the oak tree with just your closest friends and family cheering you on... that's what I want to create for you, so one day, when your sitting with your grandkids you can look back on these photos and remember each little moment!




This is the day that you've probably thought about since you were a little girl! You've dreamed of putting on the dress you fell in love with! Of being surrounded by family + friends + all the people that love you. Vowing to choose to love each other for the rest of your life. Dancing the night away with all of the best people in your life! And I want to be right there! Capturing all the details that made your guys day special to YOU. So when you and your love look back on the photos, you'll be able to remember not only each moment but all the feelings that go along with each one! 


ready to do the dang thing?!

ready to do the dang thing?!



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